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oxyjet WA
The Oxyjet UBV (Unmanned Bathymetric Vessel)
breathing life into water
Oxyjet WA treats surface waters for algal blooms, oxygen depletion, nutrient loading & other related issues
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Oxyjet WA has treated ponds and lakes throughout Western Australia since 2001.
Nutrient Control.  Oxyjet water remediation removes nutrients (Phosphorus) from the water column to prevent eutrophication, algal blooms and associated health issues.  
Oxygenation.  The Oxyjet system can quickly replenish dissolved oxygen levels in lakes and ponds prevent fish die-offs and odours associated with unhealthy water bodies. 
Sludge Mapping.  The build-up of organic-rich sludge within a pond/lake can affect health and usability of a pond or lake.  Oxyjet sludge mapping via remotely operated boats is quick and safe, especially when health risks are involved.  
These case studies highlight Oxyjet WA's effective water treatment solutions;
The Oxyjet
Issue #0816 | August 2016
Water quality news & events in WA
Get Off the Boat & Start Mapping Safely!
Oxyjet WA has developed an innovative implementation of depth profiling technology and remote control to address sludge mapping issues.
Marketing on the Cheap - Content Trumps Enthusiasm  
Read the first in our series of post-symposium "brain-dumps" where we share our experience and insights from the Urban Waterbodies Symposium, June 2016.
Our First Symposium, Setting the Scene 
Our innovation manager, Bethany Smith, discovered C.R.E.E.C as the ideal venue for our Urban Waterbodies Symposium

The Oxyjet Gazette - Water Quality News & Events in Western Australia 

Archive Issues:  #0216 | #0316 | #0716

Oxyjet WA provides services, equipment and products for the treatment of water bodies to improve water quality. 
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Palmyra, WA 6957
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The Oxyjet system uses our custom designed and built equipment to deploy hydrogen peroxide, coagulants or other chemicals into a waterbody. 
Why use hydrogen peroxide for water oxygenation?  
• By nature of its instability, is widely recognised as an effective solution for raising low dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in water.
• One 25kg drum of 50% hydrogen peroxide contains 5.879kg of oxygen
• One 25kg drum of 50% hydrogen peroxide can raise the DO level in 2.275 million litres (40m x 14m x 4m) of water from 60% to 85%.
• It can greatly reduce biochemical & chemical oxygen demand (BOD/COD).

Studies and research by the University of Western Australia on the effectiveness of Hydrogen Peroxide in water treatment. 
Selective Suppression of Harmful Cyanobacteria in an Entire Lake with Hydrogen Peroxide.  DOWNLOAD

Application of Hydrogen Peroxide for the Removal of Toxic Cyanobacteria and Other Phytoplankton from Wastewater.
Management of Toxic Cyanobacteria in Waste Sabilisation Ponds.  DOWNLOAD

Removal of Toxin Producing Cyanobacteria from Wastewater systems.  DOWNLOAD

Oxyjet WA Water Treatment Products
Hydrogen Peroxide is the main chemical used to treat water bodies. 50% solutions can be purchased in volumes of 25kg, 260kg and 1150kg.

We supply other chemicals which can be used in water treatment are Poly aluminium Chloride (PACL) or other chemicals in liquid form.

Purchase our bulk dosing vessels, nozzles, fittings, pumps or other parts for your Oxyjet equipment.