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oxyjet WA
The Oxyjet
Issue #0216 | February 2016
Water quality news & events in WA
Oxygenation Thwarts Botulism 
Water-bird die offs in Lake Juniper, Forrestfield were believed to be caused by the low-oxygen-level-loving Clostridium botulinum (botulism) bacteria. Oxygenation (supplied by Oxyjet) was deemed necessary to elevate oxygen levels and eliminate conditions favourable to the bacteria.

Aeration Saves Turtles!  
Lake Jualbup in Shenton Park, WA experienced high levels of rain run-off and an influx of organic nutrients. Nearby residents complained of foul odours and turtle deaths were recorded. Oxyjet employed aeration units to elevate oxygen levels, provide circulation and eliminate odours.
A Little Help From H2O2  
Waste water treatment ponds in Karratha, WA were found to be depleted in dissolved oxygen.  Oxyjet hydrogen peroxide injection coupled with mechanical aeration reduced the Biological Oxygen Dependency (BOD) and yielded waste water suitable for reuse.

The Oxyjet Gazette - Water Quality News & Events in Western Australia • Issue 0216

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