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oxyjet WA
The Oxyjet
Issue #0316 | March 2016
Water quality news & events in WA
Bacteria At Fault for Broome Fish Kill 
A large-scale fish kill occurred in an area 60km north of Broome, WA.  Consistent onshore winds, high sea & air temperatures and spring tides contributed to the growth of Streptoccocus bacteria.
Health Warnings for Canning River  
A toxic algae discovery has limited recreational use of the Canning River.  Health officials strongly discouraged fishing and paddling activities upstream of the Kent Street Weir.  Algal levels were deemed acceptable the following week. 
Are Bores to Blame for Low Water? 
Or did a lack of water and delayed rainy season contribute to thousands of fish deaths in Broome?  Traditional land owners believe newly installed bores close to the Nimalarica Claypans by Willie Creek have caused water levels to drop.

The Oxyjet Gazette - Water Quality News & Events in Western Australia 

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