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oxyjet WA
The Oxyjet
Issue #0616 | June 2016
Water quality news & events in WA
Since 1939, The Old Canning Bridge. 
Having spanned the Canning River for 76 years, it's safe to say, the old Canning Bridge has seen more river dolfins than anyone and is a testament to the longevity the local hardwoods used in its construction.  Take a trip down memory lane as this article recounts a bridge's life.  
Discovering HABs in Real Time 
Researchers at NOAA have deployed algal detection robots off Washington state and within Lake Erie to detect HABs and the associated toxins.  Findings are uploaded thrice weekly via satellite to deliver an early warning to fisheries and utilities managers.
New!  Oxyjet Pond & Sludge Mapping 
Our Unmanned Bathymetric Vessel (UBV) can depth map waterbodies formerly deemed "unsafe" or inaccessible.  Critical waterbody management data have been made cost-effective and readily available.

The Oxyjet Gazette - Water Quality News & Events in Western Australia 

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